Kulturmødet Mors13

Living in the time of possibilities, theres really just one problem… Not having enough time.

Let me set a scene for you…
Waking up in the morning barely having time to feed the kids, nor yourself, strait to the car, driving the kids to school and then of to work.
Work is hard. But whats even harder, is convincing your boss that you have to leave and not work overtime.
This time you succeeded. Looking at your watch, two hours till dinner “YES, I can squeeze in a workout at the gym” you think.
Down to the car. The phone rings, It’s the wife… “Hi darling, can you pick up the kids?…” – Of course you can.
Home, an hour and a half to dinner. Just enough time for the kids to see their favorite dvd, and for you to squeeze in a run. Yeah you should probably spend the time doing something with the kids, but you all had a good chat in the car on the way home, so off you go.
After dinner the kids gets tucked in, the wife is upset that you left the kids home alone. Tired after a hard day and a constant hunt for more time, you pass out exhausted on the couch…